About Us

Jeffrey Hunt selects  traditional hardwoods from trees grown sustainably around the world, having unique figures and colors that please the eye.  Master handwork and design skills combine to create one-of-a-kind furniture, custom-made for his client’s goals.  Each piece must be both functional and delightful to the senses.  Feeling the “just right” pressure  while closing a buffet drawer, hearing the solid yet delicate latching of an armoire door, or smelling the cedar-lined interior of a blanket cabinet make using each piece a satisfying experience, everyday. 

Custom Hand-Crafted Furniture
Jeffrey Hunt Woodworking creates original, custom-made furniture to the exact specifications of the client. The functional purpose of the furniture is at the core of each design – a bed, a formal dining table, an elegant sideboard cabinet. Each piece is designed to exploit the magnificence of the wood, the rich hues of Cherry or the exotic vibrancy of Zebrawood. The expression of Jeff Hunt’s artistry and skilled craftsmanship brings life and beauty to each piece.

Jeff Hunt – Master Woodworker
For 25 years, Jeff Hunt has been making graceful furniture built with strength and functionality. Born of Mid-West stock, he grew up in a family of hard-working carpenters, furniture makers and quilters in central Ohio. He moved to the West Coast to study philosophy in graduate school but couldn’t resist the call to work with his hands.

Jeff Hunt was inspired by Japanese simplicity and esthetics, and also the functionality of the western Arts and Crafts and Shaker styles.  Inspired by the unique figures and hues of wood, he works with uncommon domestic hardwoods that are truly exotic: Acacia, figured Cherry and Maple, Port Orford Cedar, Cypress. He sources sustainably-grown and responsibly harvested and certified woods that are an expression of the global forests they are from. His joinery is refined and intricate and he finishes each piece with days of hand-sanding the bring out intense depth of color and silky feel. 

Located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills
Jeff Hunt works and lives within an iconic California oak woodland, halfway up the slope of the high Sierra Nevada mountains and above the Yuba River.  The diverse types of oaks: Blue oak, Black oak, Live oak, plus the papery peeling, red bark of Madrone and ancient groves of sculptural Manzanita inspired him to integrate nature in artistic and functional ways.