About Us

Custom Hand-Crafted Furniture
Jeffrey Hunt Woodworking creates original, custom-made furniture to the exact specifications of the buyer. The functional purpose of the furniture is at the core of each design – a stereo cabinet, a formal dining table, an elegant sideboard cabinet. Each piece is designed to exploit the magnificence of the wood, the rich hues of Cherry or the exotic vibrancy of Zebrawood. Finally, the expression of Jeff Hunt's artistry and skilled craftsmanship brings life and beauty to each piece.

Jeff Hunt - Artisan
Jeff Hunt is known for making graceful furniture that is built with strength and functionality. Born of Mid-West stock, he grew up in a family of hard-working carpenters, furniture makers and quilters in Ohio. He journeyed to the West Coast to study philosophy and soon after began building furniture.

Over the years, Jeff Hunt has learned to meld East and West design and craft, fusing function and form. He finds uncommon domestic hardwoods that are truly exotic. Finely finished Acacia, figured Cherry and Maple, Port Orford Cedar, Cypress. His joinery, refined and intricate, serves an integral purpose. It's furniture that blends with and enhances the beauty of artwork.

Northern California Appeal
Jeff Hunt works and lives in Nevada City. His work can be found up and down the Northern California coast, in galleries from Gualala to Bodega Bay to Berkeley and in the Asian Art Museum Store in San Francisco. He has received multiple awards shows like the Mendocino County show, Art in the Redwoods. His work has appeared in Woodwork Magazine and Fine Woodworking Design books. The San Francisco Chronicle described his work as "truly original...distinctive...made to order."